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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Planner Top Ten List: To Do in December

1. Have a planner meltdown. 

Decide, completely based on the business of the holiday season, that your planner is, all at once, too big to carry and too little to write in.

2. Change bags 104 times.

After all, you need your hands free to shop, but your backpack/crossbody/messenger bag is too heavy with your planner in it.

3. Buy planner supplies on a whim, every single time you shop.

I got these at Big Lots for $1 for 160 sheets. I punched them (double punched) myself.

4. Shove so many receipts into your planner, instead of your wallet with the nice pocket just for receipts, that your planner will not close.


5. Have at least one friend/family member ask you to keep track of a receipt because "you have a good filing system." 

Don't have the heart to tell them that, right at this minute, that filing system consists of 2/3s of your kitchen counter.

(That actually happened to me this week.)

6. Buy two gifts for one person because you forgot to write it down the first time. Only realize when said recipient opens the SECOND identical gift.

(Happened to me last year.)

7. Lose your Elf on a Shelf.

8. Find your Elf on a Shelf while unloading the Christmas tree in front of your kids.

9. Get told by many, many Facebook friends how awful Elf on the Shelf really is, as if you didn't already know from the second night you owned him...when he forgot to move because you fell asleep!

Also, yes he is naughty. No, I am not ashamed of that. Yes, I understand that I am scarring my children for life.


10. Spill an eggnog latte on your planner when you place your shopping bags on the table.

(Has not happened to me, thank goodness...yet.)



Anna said...

Love it. :) There's no way I could keep up with Elf on the Shelf. I forget to be the "tooth fairy," so now I just have a box of little toys that the kids can go to & pick one when they lose a tooth. No involvement from me. The Easter Bunny & Santa Claus don't get much credit either. :)

Denise Babbit said...

Anna, I forgot the tooth fairy too. There's no way I could keep up with that elf! lol

Planner meltdown for me was getting tired of following the herd, and thinking I had to try a new layout every week. I bought the refills for my FC, and then made a binder so all of those pages will fit, and will be incorporating an "art page a day" into the planner. It's massive - a good 3" thick (haven't measured it), and will be growing. I may end up just using a scratch pad to carry my grocery list with me when I go shopping, and leaving the monster at home.