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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pause And Reset

Life is crazy right now. I'm trying to finish Nanowrimo, spending time with friends and family, cooking for get the idea.

(If any of my family is reading right now, this is the time when you should stand up and cheer. I mean, two days into Thanksgiving break - and I haven't hurt a soul.)

It's time for a quick pause and reset. 

I can't stop. That turkey defrosting in the fridge isn't going to cook itself. I can't go into my room with a novel and a blankie. The kids complain if you don't feed them, you see. They are very effective whiners. (Also, as a juvenile attorney, it really looks bad, professionally, if your kids starve.) I can't eat chocolate frosting out of the can. (Well, maybe just one can of frosting. I'll share with the kids, so that is kind of like a diet plan, right?)

So, in the morning, over coffee...

I will rewrite my task list.

I will example my appointments and cancel and delegate wherever possible.

I will get the kids and the husband involved in tasks so I don't have to do everything.

I will reschedule anything not critical to early December.

I will find peace.


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Unknown said...

I'm right there with you. I just went over my planners (personal and business) and made a plan. Get through this week's school assignments, then focus on exams and business. Christmas as an ongoing plan. You can totally do this! Divide and conquer the tasks!