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Friday, November 22, 2013

Over Scheduled Planners

Is over scheduled one word or two words? I don't know. And I don't have time to look it up because, well, I am crazy busy.

I bet this happens to a lot of you during the holidays. Let's preview my next week or so (appointments only as this list does NOT include tasks):

Today - Carpool, Date Night (Don't get all excited. We are going help Santa with Christmas. There will be no romance.) (On the other hand, someone will cook dinner and pretty much deliver it to my face, so PARTY!!!)
Sat - Friend in town (for 3 days), LSU Game

Sun - Mass, Karate Practice (repeats on Monday and Tuesday)
Mon - No school for the kids for a week (pray for me...and maybe for them :/ ), dentist for both kids
Tues - Minor outpatient surgery
Wed - Doctor's appointment, Mother-in-law arrives (for a 4 day visit)
Thurs - Thanksgiving (I am hosting. In related news, I am an idiot.)
Fri - LSU Game, Husband Has A Wild Hair Somewhere Very Inappropriate and Wants To Do Black Friday Shopping (a.k.a. he is about to be lessonated)

Sat - Out of Town Social Event, Nanowrite Novel Due

Yours look anything like that? Overwhelming? If so (or if it will look that way the week before Christmas), here are some tips to help you cope:

1. Do NOT neglect your planner. Take it everywhere and write everything down. If this means you need to carry a tote bag or change purses, go ahead and do that right now. (I said now. I'm cranky and didn't get coffee until about 10 a.m. and I said now, young lady!)

2. Work your dashboard. The truth is that I don't have time to write down "bought Skylanders" at the exact moment when I buy Skylanders. But I have this handy blank page, right at the front of my planner, where I can dump those thoughts until I sit down at night.

3. Use your Holiday project(s) to stay on track. For my Christmas plan, I track each gift that the elves are sending for my children: item, due date (the date they will receive the gift), ordered, received, wrapped, and put under the tree. I have another list for other people. I also have a Thanksgiving project plan.

4. Keep your receipts with you during the busy season, even if you don't during the rest of the year. I simply hole punch an envelope for this purpose. I've already had to return two gifts (as I found them half price somewhere else) and having the receipt handy is wonderful.

5. Schedule You Time. I know how HARD that is. Truly, I understand. You have no time for you. The holidays are not about you, right? They are about your friends, your kids, your Savior, or your yule log. All of those things, if they are your perspective, are valid. 

But you are a loved and worthy person. You do deserve to stay balanced and healthy. So, in the words of my friend Lynette, have someone "deliver food directly to my mouth." (Well, your mouth, actually. But mine would work! Or get a pedicure. Or just take a shower and a nap! Read a good book. Whatever relaxes you, do it!)



yezenia said...

Excellent post! And I actually LOL for real. I have not yet hit the over-scheduled (I'm going with two hyphenated words) part of my year. Actually, I may not even get to that point this year. With the kids being older I'm not needed as much. Which is a good thing though it can make me a bit nostalgic at times.
Now where's that video? ;)

Unknown said...

This cracked me up and was also SUPER helpful! Thanks for all you do!!! My planner is my brain, but it wouldn't know what to do without you!

Unknown said...

GREAT post. I've held off on using a blank page as a dashboard, but I'm going to do that now. Makes too much sense! Enjoy your week -- sounds like lots of good memories to be made!

RobbieKay said...

How lucky is Ander--I want a hoola hoop!