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Thursday, November 14, 2013

If I Only Have A Minute

Outsiders assume that, since I blog about organizing, I am efficient, neat, and organized.


(Realize that appearing organized does have advantages. People trust you more. They think of you as competent. I'm not complaining!)

I am a mess. Right now, my kitchen is covered with crap, the tubs haven't been cleaned in weeks, and I've missed two important things in my planner this month - a doctor's appointment and buying coffee filters. (I have since fixed the coffee filter situation as that was OBVIOUSLY an EMERGENCY.)

The truth is that my planner is my crutch, helping me limp through the craziness that is my world. I also try to complete the circles and erase the evidence. For example, if I cook dinner, I try to clean up and put leftovers away immediately. But you must realize that a girl who FORGETS COFFEE FILTERS sometimes slacks about completing things or putting stuff away. (Sometimes really means about 75% of the time. Awkward. I am somewhat ashamed of that. Not enough shame to change my behavior, though, especially considering the lack of readily available coffee right this second.)

Another crutch is that if I find some time, I try to use it. First priority is anything that is on my daily task list that can be done quickly.

Once I'm done with that, here are some ideas for other things that I might do.

If I only have a minute, I:

*check off tasks in my planner

*write a Facebook status
*check my email

*answer an email
*pick up one or two things and put them away
*check the mail
*wipe down the stove (the counter gets wiped all the time while I am cooking, but the stove is hot while I am cooking)
*refill the water pitchers

*pull something out of the freezer for supper
*do a quick workout or stretch

If I have five minutes, I:

*clean out the car

*throw in a load of laundry
*hand wash a pan or two
*clear off the table
*straighten the living room
*clear off the island
*look through my planner to decide what needs doing next

If I have fifteen minutes, I:

*sweep the floor
*go for a walk
*put away laundry
*prep a side dish for dinner

*pick a bothersome area and straighten/organize it (I keep a list in my planner)

*check facebook
*do a blog entry
*write part of my novel
*go through paperwork
*sort my coupons

If I have more time than that, I tackle my weekly task list, work my monthly task list, work on a project, or do some household chores.

Every little bit helps.

Caffeine also helps.



RobbieKay said...

I am once again amazed at how quickly you can do things!

Giftie Etcetera said...

I don't do them well. ;)

Unknown said...

I wish it only took 5 min to clean out our car :( We don't even have kids!

Giftie Etcetera said...

Ginny - that only works in 5 minutes if you do it often. The truth is that my car is most often my problem area! That, and the island in my kitchen.