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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mornings Suck

How difficult would it be, really, to get organized in the mornings? If I just checked my calendar the night before, loaded my car as much as possible (work bag and any extra stuff I need to bring, like workout clothes or swimsuits), put everything else in my "lauchpad" area with a sticky note of stuff to get from the frig, and put out clothes for the morning, mornings would go much smoother.

Hmm, what am I forgetting?

Oh, yes. Silly me! What about a nanny for Ander and Loki, since I am clearly unqualified to get them dressed.

This morning, Ander had no less than five timeouts before we left for work. He refused to get dressed. He refused to potty. He refused to brush his teeth, though he begged to floss. {rolls eyes} No, young man, flossing is for kids who listen to their mommies! {pats self on the back for that brilliant, unproductive reasoning}

We have a chart of the things we do in the morning - potty, brush teeth, brush hair, and get dressed - but he assured me he didn't want checks and would get them tomorrow instead. (He takes the procrastination problem from his daddy.) At least it was a day at work when I had no time constraints, but when I have court, this cannot happen.

He is in for a shock tomorrow. No tv before 7 a.m. He can play in his room, or, if the sun is up, cuddle in my bed. But no tv. And I won't let it go on until he brushes hair and teeth and gets dressed. Plus, if he needs to go to timeout to decide to get dressed, no tv at all (at least until after lunch). It will be fabulouso, let me assure you.

Loki was also in a fine mood, screaming about his sore gums, pooping AFTER I change his diaper and clothes, and puking all over me as we were about to get into the car.

As you might imagine, I am bad company today. Good thing I am working from a coffee shop - alone. (Good thing for the people who would otherwise be around me, I mean. Obviously.)



Mommy said...

We are all much happier with no TV in the mornings at all. NONE. seriously, it is so much easier.

Bedtime is also easier for us if there is no TV at least 1 hour before bed.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Do you and Phillip both get him ready? It's just me, with Loki too, and I use the tv to have a chance to get ready myself.

learn-2-walk said...

Your morning with Ander sounds like my every morning trying to get out the door with Mason, I can organize and organize and set things out and launchpad and load the car all I want and it is still an ordeal. No TV on the mornings that both of us are here getting ready, when D takes him to my mama, but an Elmo DVD when I am alone, it is the only way I can get myself ready (unless I get up a lot earlier than he does, as if!). Hang in there, you are not alone. :-)