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Saturday, May 16, 2009

How I Want Things To Go

It's May 16th. It does not escape my attention that I haven't blogged in over two weeks. I adore blogging. I feel more connected, less stressed, and somewhat (I might as well admit it, since my loyal readers have already guessed) powerful when I write these humble little entries.

So why two weeks?

Let's see: my car broke (once at home and once on the side of the road), my borrowed replacement car had a blowout, my lawnmower crapped out, my husband worked until after dark every single weekday for the past two weeks, I had catch-up to do from the week and a half off when Loki went to the hospital, I suffered my own ER trip/minor illness, work was crazy busy, and Ander is potty training (last on the list, but perhaps most time consuming). Oh, and Mother's Day sucked.

I could keep going, but gawh!

I want thing to go smoothly. I want to make a grocery list today, complete with recipes for two new foods and a standard food. (My current craving is pasta, so I'm thinking a tomato and pasta salad as one new food and some sort of creamy pasta and chicken dish as my other. I'd make roast beef as my standard food, since I'm daydreaming and there's no real effort involved in daydreams.)

I want to print coupons to go with said list, so I spend less.

I want the list typed up and saved in my pda, so I don't have to retype it next week.

I want the chores started today, but I only want to spend a brief time doing chores before I go forth and enjoy the Saturday.

I want everything in my house to stay where it is supposed to be.

I want poopy, in the potty. (A girl can dream.)

I want Loki to wean himself, starting a month ago, one bottle at a time. I want him done just in time to have exactly enough frozen milk to give him until the day he turns one year old, but early enough to never have to nurse him on a hot day in July.

I want to take my quizzes everyday and never forget. (Krumply knows what I'm talking about.)


I want to sigh less than a cranky, 70-year-old woman.

I want to workout and eat healthy and drink water and dress nice but comfy...


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Derwinicus said...

I so understand. And I don't work outside the home. Things just aren't going the way I want them to but you know, I've just decided to deal with it rather than stress out trying to change it. If things work the way I want them to, great. If not, oh well. I'm too tired anymore!