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Monday, June 2, 2008

A Link

I know, I rarely post an actual link. But this post, while not perfect by any means, spoke to me.


The bottom line, for those who don't read links (like me...guilty, guilty, guilty {blushing}), is that if you make plans, you should stick to them if you can. And you should arrive on time, or call if you really can't, because you've inconvenienced someone else if you haven't been courteous. But that lady said it better than I ever could! I've been having this problem a lot lately with clients, but at least in those cases, I am able to work in my office. When I drag my lazy butt out to have dinner or a playdate and people are late...that's when I get all crazy.

In other news, the baby has been kicking me like crazy today. Weirdly, he is kicking on my far left side. He rarely kicks in the center. He seems to really like my left. He'll move around, especially if Alan puts his hand on my tummy, but mostly he hangs to the left.

And have I mentioned that Ander has figured out where the baby is. (I might have said this already. Forgive me - pregnancy brain.) "That baby is in your hole, mommy." Fortunately, he means my belly button. :)


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Frog said...

Now I feel guilty for calling at 8am and miving my time around the other day!

I completely understand what you are saying though. Even with a child I still make it a point to be on time. There have been a few times that I have been late, but those times are rare. I may have to start getting ready earlier or wake up earlier, but I realize that's part of life with a child.