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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, I really am walking most nights now. I make it down the street. I make it up the street. Once. And then I'm tired and my stomach gets hard and if I go any further, I get contractions. So I lay down and rest (and watch Battlestar) until sleep time. I even take catnaps on the sofa. Alan lets Ander stay up a little late, as he cuddles with mommy and takes a cartoon-watching catnap himself.

I'm not to the point that I'm tired all the time. I just can't afford the extra energy to exercise, though exercise of some sort is essential.

I wonder what it will be like after the baby comes. I plan to get back into shape, like I did after Ander. But there'll be no Strollerfit this time, as the teacher has left the country. So I'll find my own way. The Y closest to my house doesn't do childcare until 6 months. Natchdaddy will be home on time most days, but eventually will start working late again. There's a cheap cheap cheap gym in Lutcher, with aerobics classes, but my mom doesn't like to babysit for working out (which she seems to consider playing), so I'd need another sitter. Sigh. Good thing I'm getting a double stroller. But it's a Sit 'N Stand, and I'm afraid Ander won't stay in it long enough for a real workout, even as patient as he is.


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Stac Cole said...

That is definitely the drawback of having grandparents as child care providers...they never want to watch them when you want to do something outside of the normal workday, like afterhours and weekends!

How about you get some sort of exercise video that maybe you and Ander can do together in the house while the baby is sleeping? That'll give you and Ander mommy/son time and exercise...and it could become y'all little "thing". Granted, I have never been successful at staying motivated and doing those, but maybe it'd work for you :)