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Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Moisturizer

I haven't blogged since Tuesday. Surely you are suffering from withdrawals? I have no real excuse. I was very busy at work Monday through Wednesday, both because of tons of new clients and because my mom went on vacation yesterday and today, so I had a shortened work week. I do have a doctor's appointment, work errands to run, and some peladings to file (at my office) today, so it's not like I am sitting around the house today either.

Yesterday, Ander and I went to the Splash Park. Wow. It was so much fun. It was hot, of course, but Ander stayed in the water and I got to choose how much water mist I wanted. We were with his playgroup, so there were other kids we knew and other parents that I've met at least a couple of times. Also, the park is designed to appeal to kids of all ages. That means the older kids stay in the more exciting areas, and the younger ones tend towards the less exciting areas. It's practically eliminates bullying. I loved it!

In other news, I think I've found the perfect moisturizer. It's Oil of Olay, with SPF, for oily skin, in the jar. I also found the perfect lip gloss, and the gloss is being discontinued after I have used only three tubes of it, so I'm holding my breathe.



Frog said...

Yes, I was suffering from withdrawals. You are the only one that blogs regularly.

Yeah for new clients too!

I wish we had a park like that here in New Orleans. That would be nice.

Stac Cole said...

Yay for the clients!

And...what Splash Park are you talking about? The one at Jambalaya Park in Gonzales or at Tickfaw State park?

Just curious as I'm always looking for freebie or cheapie kinds of places for the babysitter to take the kids during the day.

Derwinicus said...

I was wondering what had happened - I can always count on you updating daily!! :) Glad to hear you had a blast at the splash park.

My favourite moisturizer is expensive but it's the only one that doesn't leave my face feeling greasy (I'm a moisturizer snob!). I use Lancome Pure Focus Lotion.

Miss-buggy said...

it's about time you are back!! LOL!!
sounds like you had fun at the water park. Yay for the update. Can you stock up on lip gloss? Isn't that the way it always goes though? Once you find something you love they discontinue it?

Giftie Etcetera said...

Jambalaya Park.