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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tiny Tweaks That Change How To Use a Planner

If you follow my planner posts, you know I constantly make changes to the planner (but not to The System) to make my planner work better for me!

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Here's a quick update on some things I'm doing these days to make my planner work for me.

Pick Three Things

I'm picking three things on my task lists that need to be done each day. In the picture above, there is a tiny pink "*" and a tiny pink "am" on the left side of the left task list. They remind me of the important stuff (one which needs to be done in the morning).

Have a Weekly List

I tried not to have a weekly list, but some tasks just need to be done this week, but not any certain day (like buying a gift for a weekend birthday party).

So I added it back on top of my context lists.

Speaking of context lists...

Use a Paperclip When Moving the Context Lists

The paperclip keeps the context lists lined up perfectly when I move them from day-to-day or week-to-week (if you are a weekly planner person).

I attach it to the last page ONLY of the last list when the lists are in use, so I can still easily flip through the lists.

If you have other simple ideas for using a planner, note them in the comments!


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Anna said...

I need to tweak my planner from time to time, too. Sometimes it's realizing a better way to do things. Other times, it's because my life constantly changes, so my planner needs change. I've realized that the day on 1 page is better for me than the week on two pages. Shortly after that, I ran out of the pages I want to use, so now I'm back to the WO2P until I can get some new ones.
A few things I have started recently are:
1) having a bookmark that has morning/evening routine on one side, and weekend reset on the other side.
2) Keeping a weekly list on the bottom right hand side of my pages for things that need to be done, but aren't necessary a certain day. (When I have space, I will move some of these to my daily schedule to prioritize.)
3) Writing expenses on the day, then entering on the computer.
4) I've just started using alarms on my phone to help me be more time conscious throughout the day. (with the calendar alerts)
5) Writing some key info on the back of the monthly pages. Then I can take out the daily or weekly pages to keep my planner smaller, but I have quick access to reference the info.

Giftie Etcetera said...

Anna, that bookmark idea is brilliant! Thanks for sharing that.