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Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Amazing To Do List Function in OneNote

I make most of my to do or tasks list in my planner. But a few lists, especially packing lists, are referenced again and again and make more sense to do in an electronic format.

If you use OneNote (a free program by Microsoft as of the date this article was published), you can make a great to do list that is easy to check off as you get things done.

Follow the image below as I explain the simple steps to making a great to do list in OneNote.

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1. Decide what merits a tag.

For me, the bag that I am packing in gets tagged with a star as "Important" and the item is treated like a task.

2. Just highlight the task and click on "To Do List" (above #2) to make it a tagged item.

3. Click "Find Tags."

4. The tags show up in ABC order to the right.

TIP: Use the downward arrow in #2 to "modify tags" and change the names alphabetically to show priority. I do this for my work tasks, to make them show up in the order that I require:

A To Process

B Add to Final Memo
C Do Not Use

(C is a check mark rather than a task box, because I no longer have to do anything with it.)

5. As you check off tasks in your right-side Tag summary, they automatically check off on the proper page.

TIP: Under #5, you can set OneNote to grab all tasks or just those tasks on a certain section, page, or other subset in OneNote.

The best tip of all?

Click "Create Summary Page" (below the tag list numbered 5) and make a one page to do list for your notebook!

Have fun exploring OneNote. It's a great program for task and project management.


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Mary Wimbley said...

I am definitely going to play with this and see what I can come up with. :)