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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Write a Due Date in a Planner

I am currently suffering from road trip hair. My head looks like I've slept in a car for a week, which is pretty close to what happened. It was fun and worth it, though!

Even on a massive road trip, deadlines crop up. This week, I had to renew library books on-line, since our road trip was longer than the checkout period. I got a new due date for the books.

My apologies for the road trip quality photo (consider how my hair must look if my picture looks like this), but here's how I handle due dates.

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1. Figure out the latest date when the task can be started, not counting the actual due date.

For example, if I need to write a paper that will take about three work days, the latest date is three days before it is due. So, if the assignment is due on July 9, I move back to July 6th, giving me the 6th, 7th, and 8th to  work on the assignment.

NOTE: Notice that I do not count the due date itself! That gives me some cushion.

Since the last day that library books can be returned in this case is the actual due date, I write the note one day in advance (July 13th for books due on July 14th).

2. Write DUE in all caps and double underline it.

If it's not critical, it's not really "due" and goes on my task list.

3. Write only in weeklies, unless it is going to be a real time suck. Then, write in weeklies and copy a NOTE into monthlies.

Returning library books or working during normal work hours (already scheduled on monthlies) are not time sucks. Packing for vacation was a time suck, but, again, vacation was already written on monthlies, so no need to note.

Huge time sucks? Studying for a big exam. Getting ready for an inspection at work when it will require overtime beyond scheduled hours.

4. Write actual due date in entry.

The real due date needs to be noted. If you are forced to take advantage of the one day cushion, this information will be valuable.

NOTE: I also write details. In this case, it's which library and how many books.

5. If the one day cushion is needed, recopy the information to the actual due date.

Sometimes, I cannot get to the library the day before books are due. Maybe we wake up with fevers. In those cases, rewriting the information to the actual due date helps me brain remember to deal with it.

This is review for my Loyal Readers, but I hope it still helps someone understand a better way to deal with deadlines.


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Carla said...

I like the DUE in CAPS and double underlined. TFS :)

Jaime Barfield said...

I like the which library and how many books. I always write how many books I have due. I never have to write which library because we only have one library in my area that I go to. The others are more than thirty minutes away. Anyway, thanks for the tip! said...

I do something like that except I write it on my daily pages. If I need to send a birthday card, for example, I put a note on my daily list a week ahead to get the card ready. Then I put a note on there a couple days before it needs mailed that says: "Did you prep birthday card?" Then the day before, I write "mail card tomorrow". Then on the day it needs mailed, I put another reminder. You wouldn't think mailing a birthday card would take so much effort, but it does for me!

Mary Wimbley said...

I've been writing it on the actual due date. Going to have to try the day before trick. That might help me when bills come due. lol