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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Repeating Planner Entry Series: Chores

My friend M does chores daily and weekly, without a list. Her house is always neat and tidy. I love it. But it is not going to happen that way for me. I struggle with chores.

First and foremost, I struggle with actually doing them.


Silence filled with self-recrimination.

It's clear that I need some motivation from my planner to do chores. I need to schedule them. But I struggle with that, too.

Chores don't work on the main pages because they just aren't important enough for that space. And they don't work anywhere else in my planner because I forget about them. Plus, recopying chores everyday just does not make sense. If something important comes up (like take out night or good tv), I need to be able to skip chores. But I cannot skip too often, or Saturdays suck.

So I thought about what works for me.

I workout very regularly and track my calories. I do that well with a combination of a simply reminder (circled, so I know to recopy to tomorrow when it's done or canceled) on my task list in my weeklies and a log. The log is really motivating.

So I did a list of chores and a log on graph paper.

There is a reminder to do chores (and prep for the next day) on my weekly spread each day.

The chores are divided by what I need to do almost daily (like dishes, laundry, a 15 minute quick clean wherever it is most needed, and a sweep around the house putting things in their homes) and monthly goals (one for each room in the house). 
I added codes that I could use on the chart.

So far, it's working okay. I am missing some days (the dash instead of a filled in box), but I was sick this week, so I think I did okay.



lyn said...

Wow, you coded your chores! I'm currently just splitting mine by sections in the home and by day. I know what I need to do on a daily basis so I don't actually write them down. Hmmm... perhaps I should come up with a different system.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I coded because there was no room on the chart to write them out. Ha ha! I'm not sure how I feel about the coding, actually.