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Friday, October 17, 2014

Planner Supplies: What To Carry

I use a pretty small planner (a little bigger than 4 x 6) with moderately sized rings (about an inch). So, despite everything I pack in my planner, there is little room to waste.

I basically have two rules for what I carry: 1) if I use it more than once a month, I carry it and 2)
 unless it takes up too much space.

The only supplies that I have, other than a pen and a highlighter, fit in a small zipper pouch.

I keep a few paperclips, some small magnetic page markers, and a reader arrow bookmark. Honestly, I rarely use these things in my planner. Instead, I use them when I am substitute teaching or processing receipts, to mark the lesson plan or divide up receipts into categories.

I have weekly chore stickers, though I am about to get rid of those in favor of weekly, custom-made post-it notes (which are easier to move around).

I have post-it tabs, perfect for labeling projects or notes.

There are also sticky notes. I use these occasionally in my planner.

Finally, I have stamps.

In the very back, serving as a decoration, a spiritual uplift, and an as needed bookmark, a custom bookmark made by my award-winning quilter friend.

That's all I bring with me. I have lots of other stuff at home, but it would be silly to carry it all around.

What do you carry? Too much? Too little?

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