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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Routines Versus Schedules In A Planner

Summer is coming soon and my children will be home with me. I work from home, so this requires a lot of planning. For the most part, I'll try to work after my husband gets home each evening, so that I can do childcare during the day. But to the extent that I am able to work during the day, I'll be able to spend that time with my family at night.

Some of the moms that I know are planning summer schedules.

Not me.

I do schedule lots of stuff, like swim lessons and vacations.

Those things must happen at a certain time, so they need to go on my monthly planner pages. That is called scheduling.

But, given that every week is different (depending on scheduling), the actual daily rhythm of our lives is better as a routine. While learning a routine, I sometimes put it in the Notes/Files section of my planner.

But the routine is more of a "do this, then do that" system. It's important that everyone LEARNS them, instead of just writing them down.

Our routine is pretty standard, but makes it easy to switch out activities, like play dates and swim lessons.

Wake Up
One Hour Electronics (Mommy watches news, makes coffee, prepares for day, makes breakfast)
Earned Electronics/Free Play (Mommy makes lunch)
Outside Play/Errands (switch with morning free play if too hot)
Daddy Arrives Home
Free Play
Free Play/Earned Electronics

Simple. Flexible. And a ROUTINE which can be changed at a moment's notice, but lets the kids (and the grownups) know what to expect.


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