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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marking Multi-Day Appointments In Planner

As my Loyal Readers know, I only use my monthly calendar for appointments. Notes, tasks, and anything else other than project planner goes on my weekly pages.

But what happens when there is a big conference at work? Or a cruise vacation?

I mark over several squares in my monthly calendar. I want to see the multiple day event for what it is - a big event - but I don't want to recopy the description over and over.

Start with a vertical line, then add the description. Carry a horizontal line over the days. On the last day, write the description and end with a vertical line.

Visually, the vertical lines create a start and stop.

Also, connecting the horizontal line across tricks your eye into reading the description and noticing that those particular days are blocked out.

Start planning those summer vacations!



Anonymous said...

So simple! And yet just what I need!! Thank you so much. xxx

Ashley said...

Great tip!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! While my PIM program does the marking of multi-day items for me, I use a hi-liter marker on the planner page and that keeps me from putting anything on a date that I will be involved elsewhere. It goes to color-coding. Blue is vacation or "me" time. Green is for work-related conferences or such. It works and the visual impact keeps me from making entries and having to re-do them or reschedule something and looking foolish.

Bree said...

I also use a highlighter, but I do it along the bottom of the days involved. Items on the top of the block are things like birthdays, anniversaries.

I don't use my monthlies for appointments, as I they wouldn't all fit on certain days, but I do mark if there is a family appt that would impact my work schedule. said...

That's what I do, too. I also do that on my husband's work calendar. He often works on the same job for weeks so I put the customer name on the first day of the week and then draw a line. It works great.