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Sunday, September 22, 2013

When The Crazy Happens

I am a klutz. I can prove it. I broke TWO laptops in two days!

First, I dropped mine and broke the hard drive in half. (Take a moment and write "backup laptop" in your planner every two months. I'm glad I did!) Then I borrowed my husband's laptop and punched a thumb-shaped hole right through the screen! (They don't tell you that laptop screen are made of aluminum foil, do they?) Fortunately, my dad is a techie and used some zombie parts and one $60 screen to fix them. In the meantime, all I had, technology-wise, was my Droid and my son's Kindle. I wasn't exactly unplugged, but I've never been happier that I keep track of my world on paper.

You see, my world this week consisted of:

a.the first week of room mom and grade level coordinator work for the home and school association,
b.substitute teaching for four days, complete with packed lunches, appropriate clothing, and things to do during planning breaks while stuck at school,
c.the first week of flag football, with my husband coaching,
d.a birthday party for my five year old,
e.an LSU game day party at my parents' house, and
f.a five day house guest.

And enough other stuff to complete all the letters of the alphabet, no doubt.

So I broke out my trusty planner and dealt with everything.

Tonight, I got my laptop back, so I can blog, catch up with e-mail, and spend some quality time on Facebook. Tomorrow, I am off of work (for two blissful days) and can actually clean the house and get my world together.

But in the past week, crazy and unplugged, I managed to muddle through on limited technology, both because I had to and because I had my planner to show me the way.


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