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Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Be Popular and Successful with Green Ink and Paper Planners

I went to my class reunion this weekend.  20 years after attending the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts, a residential high school in the small town of Natchitoches, Louisiana, I tucked my paper planner into my bag.  In 1992, if you had asked, I would have predicted that everyone at the reunion would have a watch that told them when to be where and what to do with their day. A phone had not yet occurred to me, but smart phones are much like the watches that I envisioned in the 90s.

When it came time to leave the hotel for the first event of Reunion weekend, everyone pulled out their smart phones.  Service was spotty and they were looking and looking for the directions to the first event.

I pulled my planner out of my purse, used the tab to flip to the Friday page, and told them where and when we needed to be.  I also had a paper copy of driving directions tucked into the planner.

When someone at the event asked me to add her to our special event website, I jotted it in my planner.

Someone else had a job connection that I need to follow up on.  Put that in my planner.

When I pulled out my planner to write down a recipe for the delicious chocolates served at the barbeque, a girl who I barely knew in high school bonded with me over the star stickers she saw on the Reunion weekend dates on my monthly page.

A guy that I always thought was cool, but had barely talked to in high school, was fascinated that I also always write in green ink.  We talked for quite awhile about the best green ink pens on the market.

I have a smart phone, but I noticed that no one got into interesting conversations about iPhones or Droids.



Karen Holt said...

I always write in green ink too! :) It was a great weekend and I'm so glad that we got to spend time together!

Sarah PingsAndNeedles said...

lovely post!

Do a post about the green ink/pens pleeeeeeze! I obsess about this and still can't find what I fantasise about! said...

Awesome! Paper planners rock!!!

Kent From Oz said...

what a great blog! Thanks

Angel Jem said...

Dreaming of green ink..... what kind do you use?

Claudia Volkman said...

Great post! And I'd love to see more about the green ink - with pics :)

Giftie Etcetera said...

I use Pentel Energel Liquid Gel Ink (o.7) for two reasons: 1) I use a lot and I can buy it at my local Target and 2) it is fast drying, and since I am left-handed, that is important.

I've never been able to find another fast-drying green ink!

Rebecca Montano said...

I'm a purple ink kind of girl:). You are right about the reception at the Friday night event, though. Absolutely no bars on my phone on there on the lake!