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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Streamlining Chores

Everyday chores can eat up a lot of your day. Dishes, laundry, trash, and general pickup around the house can really suck away your time.  Ask yourself these questions and make chores less of a chore.

Unloading/loading dishwasher -

Are the dishes close to the dishwasher and reasonably organized?

Are you skipping prerinse (as most dishwashers recommend)? (Every now and 
then, this requires you to run something through the next night. But only occasionally, versus rinsing everyday to prerinse.) 

Are cabinets cleaned out to only stuff you actually use, so that it's easy to store 
things like plasticware without a crammed, messy cabinet?

Are you planning to eat leftovers at least two days a week to minimize dishes
that require extra cleaning (and cooking) time?

Laundry -

Is laundry sorted when you take off clothes? (There are multiple bag or multiple
bins laundry sorters, but I like using actual bags inside my hamper, so I can just
grab whatever bag is full.)

Are you using color catchers so you sort less? (I only sort out new, dark clothes
for the first rinse, husband's work pants that we wash on delicate, and whites and
light colors wash together.)

Are stains treated right away?
Is there a special bag for laundry that takes special attention?
Do you have enough space to efficiently fold/hang laundry as it comes out of the dryer?

Do you rewear some clothes so that you have less laundry to do (maybe
impossible in Louisiana heat, especially if you are sweaty)? But jammies can be
worn twice, for sure.

Trash -

Are trash bags right by the trash can?

Can you skip trash every other day?

Living Room Pickup -

Do you have a toy bin in the living room so your little kids can put toys back in there after 
play? (We ended each family time when the boys were little with a "basketball game" into the basket. They loved it, and still pick up after playing, usually on their own.)

What does living room pickup include? If vacuuming, twice a week enough? Once a week?

Are things stored in a logical place? Are you carrying the same things out of the living room everyday? If so, create storage right there in the living room?  Our kids' shoes just stay in the living room:

I know a lot of this might not work for you, but I hope you find some gems in there!


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