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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Elusive Perfect Purse Setup

I preach and preach about simplifying.  Get rid of things you don't use.  Only keep as many of each thing as your family actually needs.  Reuse towels by hanging them up.  Don't carry anything you don't need.

And then I dump my purse out on the counter.


Confession:  I have no right to preach.  I carry a lot of stuff.

Basically, I have four types of purses.

1.  Tiny decorative purses for formal events (weddings and such).  I have a red and a silver and that pretty much covers all the fancy outfits that I own.

2. Large purses, like the everyday one I am using in the pictures, that are big enough to hold my planner.  Almost all of them have cross-body straps, because I noticed that without those straps, I don't carry the purse.  Then I need my planner and don't have it with me.  I usually carry these types of purses.

3. A couple of "slip in" purses with accompanying totes.  There are times when I need a tote full of errand stuff and my planner, so I have a couple of small purses for basics that slip into a tote bag.  Usually, I use these for something like chaperoning the school field trip.  You can't bring a huge purse to the zoo, but you need your planner for driving directions.

4. I have some business bags that I use for work, when I work, or for taking a bunch of paperwork to go through to a coffee shop.

I really do carry a lot of stuff.  I almost always have my planner and my Nook with me.  Also, I need prescription glasses and sunglasses for driving.  Obviously, I bring my keys and my wallet.  The red pouch that you see in the picture is for my inhaler and emergency meds.

I don't carry much in terms of extras.  A couple of lip glosses, a powder compact, and some sugar-free and sugared candies and gums to deal with hunger and blood sugar issues.

This particular purse has two exterior pockets.  One holds the glasses and lip gloss, since I almost always use those items in the car.

The other pocket holds keys, wallet, and cell phone.

I don't put anything in the single internal zipper compartment, but I do use it if I am taking a long trip to zip jewelry into.

You can see the outside pockets in the picture below.

 The lining is not black.  Black linings make your crap disappear.  Never use a black lining.

For space maximization, load planner and Nook upright!  Also, for medical bag and snack bag, I use colored bags that do not match the liner on purpose.  Really helps my bag stay organized.

Finally, I clean out my bag whenever I return home.  That way, it does not get filled with crap.  You know, other than my crap.

What's in your bag?



PerpetuallyPerplexed said...

I don't have much in my bag besides a simple wallet, my keys, cell phone, lip gloss and a few stray receipts. It helps that I cleaned out my purse a few days ago, though.

Giftie Etcetera said...

I aspire to be like that, but I fail. :)