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Monday, February 20, 2012

Organizing My Weight Loss

It's time to loss weight, for real this time. I lost some last year, but with the stress of leaving my job and a couple of injuries, I managed to gain it all back. I know what works for me. Calorie counting and regular exercise works miracles. Honestly, I eat enough that I only have to go down to 2,000 calories and I start losing pretty regularly.

I am pretty disciplined. I get some relaxing from working out and I LOVE to dance. At the core of the problem is that I am unorganized about weight loss. I'm better at menu planning and grocery shopping than I used to be, but I am not good at calorie counting if I don't eat at home. Seriously, I just don't enter the calories if a computer isn't sitting right in front of me.

I'm trying a couple of solutions. One is that I added calorie entry and working out to my daily checklist (which also includes laundry, dishes, one weekly cleaning chore, one organizing chore, and 15 minute quick clean of the most important (translation: most seen or used) areas of the house. The other thing that I've done is to create a spot in my planner for writing down calories consumed when a computer isn't readily available. Also, I'm changing my alarm that goes off every night when I take my meds to include entering all unentered calories for the day. I use my checklist pretty regularly, always have my planner with me, and I take meds nightly. I should be good to go. Let's hope.


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