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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Paper Rules (For Myself)

My new paper planner consists of a weekly calendar and a task list. There are details that I need to remember, but it's been almost a decade since I used a paper planner.

1. Put a box around things that need to be copied into next year's planner, like my anniversary. That way, next year, filling the repeating dates in the planner only takes a moment of flipping through 52 pages for boxed events.

2. Keep a list of dates starting August 2011, when the paper planner ends, to schedule things for next year.

3. Write am events in the top half of the day's box and pm dates in the bottom half. Makes it less likely I'll miss something.

4. Cross things out when they are done - or else!

5. On task list, make sure to put dates next to time sensitive stuff. If something is CRITICAL, also put the deadline in the calendar.


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Nancy said...

I like using the planner page by Franklin Covey to record items coming up in the next year. I have a fold out calendar for the next year, but it is for appointments and events that I impact my schedule. The planner page is for birthdays, anniversaries, and other potential items such as the opening of a movie I don't want to miss.