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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If We Were Reality TV...

...like the Duggars or John and Kate Plus 8, what would the cameras show?

Our living room is a mess, with toys and blankets and computer bags and breastpads and breastpump and sheets and baby rug and baby swing. Our kitchen island is covered with crap - purse and jackets and baby carrier. I'm feeding Loki a bottle on the couch. Loki is only wearing a diaper, due to a recent blowout. Ander is in his booster seat, facing the living room tv with the Duggars on it, eating a frozen burrito that we made him "cook" (by pressing the microwave buttons...he he) himself. Ander is only wearing a pull-up, due to a recent blowout. Daddy is doing the dishes in the kitchen. Mommy is wearing a t-shirt and shorts that are too short, due to a blowout of sorts (not from mommy's bootie, fortunately) on the jogging pants she was wearing earlier.

Naked children, tv watching, bottlefeeding (pumped breastmilk, but still...someone is judging somewhere :/), frozen burritos.

I think we'd come off as trashy. We really aren't. Really. But there would be no family bonding dinners, vacations, or spotless houses. There would be too much reality, I'm afraid.


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