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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Power Struggles

Ander is not even two. Not even two. So when did he learn that shouting NNNNOOOOOO!!! at the top of his lungs was a good way to respond to such simple requests as, "time to brush your teeth" or "you have to stay in your carseat until we get to Maw Maw's house." Sigh.

Lots of timeout will be happening in my house thsi week. LOTS.

Ah, well, at least he's not 16 and pregnant and about to have his hit tv show cancelled. ;)



Stac Cole said...

Sorry but I can't help but laughing. Kids pick up things from other kids--sometimes even the simplest of things and sometimes, the very worst of things. I would be asking my childcare provider (*cough* mom *cough*) what kids do that at her house. Still funny though. Heck, your mom may have even taught him how to do that!

Letti said...

Natch I found your blog. I love reading your posts you bring such life into them. I hope Ander outgrows this stage quickly but we all know taht probably won't happen. But before you know it he will be 12 and asking to ride his bike to his friends house like Chase.