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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Was Tough

Maybe it was the miscarriage and the feeling that I should be fat and pregnant. I'm at my skinniest weight in over a decade, and people keep commenting on how much thinner I am. Except that I am supposed to be getting fat and being pregnant, you know?

Ander seemed the love the presents, but he was pretty bored by the whole opening them concept. Three presents from mommy and daddy are sitting under the tree. He sure does love Santa Claus, though. And m&ms.

Why do people insist on begging me to allow my almost two year old to stand on furniture, "because it's Christmas." Because it's Christmas, emergency rooms will be packed. He will not be standing on furniture. And bah humbug to you too.



Stac Cole said...

Did you wrap the Santa presents or leave them unopened under the tree? Keith and I had this discussion Christmas Eve...he seemed to think that we needed to take everything out of the boxes and assemble them unwrapped. I stared at him with complete horror and disbelief that he would want to spoil the surprise. Come to find out...Santa didn't wrap presents at LOTS of people's houses. As a matter of fact, I find that I was in the minority for having wrapped presents! :0

Frog said...

We don't wrap presents either. I asked around and most people I know don't wrap either.