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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shared Articles

E's puts here "shared articles" link it her blog. I wish I could figure that out, so I could share things I am reading, too. Of course, lots of what I actually read on-line is through very popular sites, like Slate, or forums, which don't really do well for shared items.

I've already done two hours of legal work, got the oil changed, and worked out today. And it's only lunchtime. I've been such an over-achiever. Perhaps now I should take a nap. ;)



Mamaebeth said...

it took me a while to figure out the shared artivles, but i don't think i could explain it. it was counter-intuitive for me.

i don't share things that i think people are already (or should already be) reading, like slate articles and Amalah, unless they are exceptional. and i have problems getting slate into my google reader.

Frog said...

What are slate articles??

Mamaebeth said...

dear prudence is my favorite, but she is only weekly.