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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Organizing The Calories

Well, I did decent yesterday with calorie counting. I didn't eat at a weight loss level, but I did at a maintaining level, and considering that we ate out with Brien and he brought naughty dark chocolate chip cookies into the house...

I am keeping a list of common foods that I eat and their calories in my calorie log. I am not including foods where the calories are right there on the label, but only foods that are not labeled, like a restaurant meal or a banana. It seems managable, and actually quite easy, to do so far. Having the internet virtually always accessible to look up calories really helps.

I've decided that Sparkpeople and Calorie-Counter and other on-line systems are just too complicated, so I won't use them. I am using two memos in my pda - one to keep track of the daily calories and one to keep track of calories in certain foods:

Calories - Daily Log
Sun 092307 - 360
Sat 092207 - 1990

Calories - Tracking
Banana 110
McGriddle, egg 340
Pizza, D'Ang (2 slc - pep and tom) 460

Easy peezy. Maybe I'll actually keep up with it doing it this way.


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