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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Almost Exactly Six Hours Later

I cracked open my HP book at about 12:09 a.m. Almost exactly six hours later, I've read it. Wow. It really does tie up the loose ends and it's very powerful.

Ander did good buying the book. He woke up for a bit in the store and starred at people, but then he went back to sleep. And there was a younger baby there, although my darling husband points out that the younger baby was probably young enough that she is up all night anyway.



Miss-buggy said...

wow. You read fast! I wouldn't be able to stay up and read all night. Hope you got some rest today. And haha! to what your husband says. Honestly that is what I keep thinking about when I have even the SLIGHTEST thought that they are sweet. The long nights, the lack of communication and the lack of movement. I wonder if I will ever have more! LOL!!
So was that the last book?

Rachel said...

Kristy, you are a woman after my own heart. But I hope you went to bed early tonight to try to recover.

Anonymous said...

It is my favorite book by FAR! I have to reread the end though b/c I keep thinking, well what happened to X and what happened to Y and what about Z....I think in my haste to hurry up and finish it I missed some crucial stuff at the end!