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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life Gets Easier, Right?

This week has been so hectic! I actually did not even check my e-mail one day. On Monday, I got a lot of work done at the office, but not enough. Ander also started swim lessons.

It was horrible! In addition to having to pack swim clothes for him and myself, we arrived a few minutes late because I got a little lost. Then we went to change, and the outdoor bathroom appears to have no light. I asked the lady four times how to turn on the light, but she was clearly ignoring the latecomers in honor of the on-timers (even though I apologized profusely and explained that I didn't understand her - aside: poorly written - directions), so Ander and I changed in the pitch dark. He screamed the whole time. Then, she has big tropical birds by the pool. Ander's favorite. He refused to get in the pool, not out of fear of water, but because, as he explained, "irds, irds, irds. Ma ma, irds."

Once he was in the water, the lady keep barking at me to turn him around. Um, he won't turn around. The birds are the other way, you see. "Make him blow bubbles." "Sure, I'll just wave my magic f-ing wand." Okay, I didn't say that. I wanted to, though.

To top things off, it poured down rain! Poured!!! On the babies and kids. But there wasn't any lightening, so crazy lady told all the screaming mommies and babies to stay in the pool. We got out after a bit, but only after arguing with her. Of course, I had signed a no refund agreement. Idiot me.

Tuesday I had court, just enough hours at work to get nothing accomplished, and swim lessons. It went horrible again. After work, I went mall walking with EBeth. The rain poured and the electricity went out, but it was nice. Of course, I had made plans because my husband was supposed to work late, but he didn't. The same thing happened yesterday. So I feel like I've barely seen Alan at all, when he's actually been home.

Yesterday, I had to work in a coffee shop, go to Strollerfit, take my office manager to lunch for her birthday, meet with a client, and spend a whole 20 minutes in the office (when what I needed was 20 hours) before going to swim class.

At least swim class went much better. We practiced going under the water and swimming through the hoop. He didn't love it, but he liked it okay. Sigh.

Did I mention swim lady has cats? I have to use my inhaler and allergy medicine each time, and still feel like I'm drowning and my entire face is swollen and itchy.


Finally, yesterday


Frog said...

Atleast swimming was a little better yesterday! I need to start walking again. Maybe now that I have a jogging stroller we'll get back into the swing of things.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Swim lessons deserve a big BOO! That teacher sounds mean.

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time you should take swimming lessons at the Y. You are assured not to have cats. Or, you can teach Ander how to swim the way I was taught, just throw him in and see what he does ;)

Miss-buggy said...

man! That lady would have pissed me off. To prevent changing in the dark change room, have your suit on and have Anders on too then just take off your outer clothes when you get there. Afterwards is another story. Don't have anything for that one. I need to get Cooper in lessons....
Too bad you signed a no refund agreement. Hmmm...wonder if she knew people would want to drop out so she made up the aggrement.
I don't think it will get easier. I think that it is gonna get more complicated as they get older. Sorry......