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Monday, May 28, 2007

My Virtual Friends

It's bad when you are so busy that you get e-mails and shout outs on web forums about whether you are okay! Thanks everyone. I'm just busy, is all. I feel like I have social events everyday. That's a good thing, but it leaves little time for blogging and posting.

I went swimming yesterday. First, I had to try on my old swimsuits. I have two, and it was important that I fit both, because Ander and I are doing Mommy and Me swim lessons, plus I had two pool parties this weekend. And I've already spent my swimsuit budget on a cute little cover-up, so I can't afford a new suit.

Wow. I looked, well, not hot :/, but like I didn't have rolls!!! That's exciting stuff. :) I would actually appear in public in either suit. {breathes a sigh of relief} Guess working out is working for me!



Miss-buggy said...

YAY! Good for you! None of mine fit me and I look like TOTAL crap. LOL! I don't have the money to join anything but I do go for walks everyday. I bet you are almost to Canada by now ;)

Frog said...

Yeah!! I tried my bathing suit on yesterday and it looked horrible!! I'll definitely be walking more.