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Friday, December 11, 2020

My Planner Makes Me Work Extra and I Like It!

One advantage of a paper planner is the extra work it creates for you. 

Go ahead. Read it again. I stand by my position.

I'm all in on the extra work. 

Yes, a planner can create extra work - and that's a good thing! Let me tell you why...

tasks, planner
Do I Recopy the Undone Task?

With a digital calendar, like the Google Calendar I use strictly for scheduling, the ease of rescheduling is a great advantage.

But with a paper planner, if I don't do something on Wednesday and have to move it to Friday, I have to recopy it and think about when and how I'll get it done. Perhaps I need to drop or delegate the item.

The extra work of recopying the to do item helps me to make decisions and to reinforce my memory of having to do the task.

Before you recopy a task, consider whether it is worth doing.

Also, rewriting does a few other things. In addition to forced decision-making, it motivates me to do the item so that I don't need to recopy it again and again. It also reinforces my areas of slackiness. 

(Is slackiness a word? You know which things you put off, right? You know that because you are always rescheduling them!)

If you reschedule a task, just refer back to the original date for details.

For example, write "pay bills (see Jan. 9th)" on Jan. 12th's entry.

After all, just because I can do extra work doesn't mean I'll waste my time on doing everything extra if I don't have to do it.

So go ahead and embrace the extra work of a paper planner. It's still going to be more pleasant planning than doing the task itself. I *almost* promise.


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Angie said...

Welcome Back! I dislike having to rewrite tasks. Definitely makes me work harder to get it done so I don’t have to transfer to the next day.

Anna said...

I handwrite tasks, too. Anything I put digitally disappears from my mind for some reason. On the plus side, I don't get addicted to apps on my phone, etc., so it's not all bad.

In my planner, I cross things off when they are done and use an arrow through them if I'm transferring them to a new day or week. If I'm recopying something multiple times, it gives me a chance to stop and think about whether I really want to do it. Then I can move it to a higher priority, cross it off, or put it on a "maybe someday" list. Seeing things written out also helps me be more realistic about the number of things I'm trying to do in a given day or week. Once I see the written list, it is also easier for me to prioritize tasks.

Varun sharma said...

It really awesome article. Thanks for sharing it really helpful.

Jaime Barfield said...

If it is something that has to get done, I only rewrite it once I am on a new page (like if I am doing daily pages) other than that it stays on the day before staring at me with accusation of being left undone. Luckily, this bugs me that I haven't crossed it off and I will get it done so I don't have to look at the dot that been left unchecked.

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