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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Difference Between a Planner and Time Management

At 9:47 a.m. this morning, I got my first cup of coffee. Considering that I start my day at 6:45 a.m., this is a problem. 

Multiply the poor timing by my first day back at work after a vacation, my lingering pneumonia, and a bit of an autoimmune flare, and that's a set-up for disaster!

But, wait, you say...isn't Giftie a guru of time management?

Time Management with a Planner

Not even a little bit, y'all.

The truth is that life is not about managing your time.

Your time will be dictated to you.

This week, for me, Time hit me unexpectedly - or completely expectedly, since global warming is a REAL THING - with a storm named Nate, a hurricane in the Gulf that rerouted my long-anticipated class reunion cruise.

Time wrecked embarkation by sending me frantic messages from my loving husband about my youngest son kissing girls at school, and, for bonus points, the third-grade teacher, as my ship sailed away. (What, you don't get bonus points for kissing the teacher?)

A conversation about "enthusiastic consent" happened. Oh, yes, that was fun.

I returned to land to find I had pneumonia and some other suddenly out of control health issues. Surely visiting a recently hurricane-ravaged Key West, with the stirred up mold and housing materials on the streets, didn't help.

Yes, Time, I listened to your urging and sent my boss a note from the doctor unceremoniously extending my vacation. Federal deadlines don't accept such extensions. Did you know that, Time?

Time, I did not appreciate your additional little trips to the pharmacy or your crazy six instances a day when I had to take certain medications with or without certain foods. Or while standing on my head and reciting the alphabet and praying to the godness of the pharmacy.

Whatever, Time.

Time, your BOSSINESS was not appreciated.

But you know what, Time?

I have this covered. 

You see, fellow Loyal Readers and new Plannerds, I have a planner.

I may not have the ability to actually manage every second of my day, but with my planner in hand, I could do all of the following:

*Notice the critical deadlines and either do them, officially delay them through proper channels, or delegate them.

*Track my med intake and food intake so that I got it right.

I just wrote the medication times right on my planner's appointment schedule.

*Make notes for my follow up visit to my doctor on Friday.

*Find my neighbor's contact information for extra childcare.

*Remind myself, where I usually put exercise notes, to rest.

*Do routine items, like eating, because I already had a menu and some fresh and freezer meals ready to eat or move around to cook another day.

My planner meant that Time didn't get to manage me. Instead, I got to manage my time.

I didn't manage time in the traditional sense of planning every aspect of my day, but my daily planning in my planner meant that I could manage my tasks and self-care with little additional effort.

I could even see when it was TIME to take a break and rest. I could trust that to happen because the notes in my planner will back me up when I go to make up undone tasks and unattended appointments.

Time doesn't master me. My planner masters my time.


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Michelle said...

This is really well said. I struggle with perfectionism and when things start to spiral out of control, I slack off on my planning. This helps me think differently about my planning. It also reminds me that I need to define-and stick to- a regular planning schedule. I think I enjoy doing it, and will often skip it for more fun things when it's not fun or I'm swamped and don't take the time. This is motivation to follow my planning routines daily so that everything gets written down and nothing gets lost- no matter how good or bad my day is. Thank you!

Dominick said...

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