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Sunday, October 9, 2016

How to Use Your Planner Like a Household Notebook

If you have a planner, there's no reason to keep a separate notebook for household chores or big projects.

Planner, Goals, Planner Checklist

Instead, consider a goals chart.

I've showed you my goals chart before, but I want to point out some key parts that I added this month.

Include Daily Cleaning Goals on the Chart

In the pink box, you can see that my daily housekeeping goals are listed:


*15 Minute Quick Clean



If I do a little of each daily, my house stays clean.

I usually do one load of laundry (start to finish), 15 minutes of general cleaning starting with the area needing most attention, one load of dishes, and cook something, preferably with leftovers.

Focus on Room Cleaning

If I just did my quick cleans, I'd never clean the tub. Yuck.

For the sake of a clean house without housecleaning becoming overwhelming, I've decided that twice a month is about right for cleaning each room.

You can decide for yourself, though.

Whatever you decide, my chart (in the circle) shows that I make boxes for those tasks.

I limit cleaning time to 30 minutes. If more is needed, I'll do it during quick cleans or in two weeks!

List Special Household Projects 

I have room for a month and a half on my graph paper. During that month and a half, I include three to four projects to complete. The example is next to the arrow.

Note that none are tasks that take longer than an hour.

"Clean garage" does not belong here.

"Clean back wall of garage" or "send bikes to Goodwill" does!

Consider sitting down and making a goals chart, a room cleaning schedule, and a list of special projects at the beginning of the month. It makes housekeeping easier and it keeps you on track!

Finally, note that this chart is in the very front of my planner. That's just a preference choice. Put it where it works for you.


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Rhonda Gales said...

This is great advice. I put together a planner last year for my blog. I think it lasted a month. I really need to get in the habit of using it.

Dominick said...

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