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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Should I Color My Hair

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I don't consider myself vain. 

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Okay, I *might* have a little bit of a self-confidence problem (as in, too much self-confidence) about my intelligence level, but truly, I think I LOOK pretty much average. 

In today's picture, I'm a bit more sullen than usual, but it shows my gray hair really well.

Gray hair.

It's normal for a 40 year old, right?

It's also a magical, sparkly, silver substance that is proving me wrong about that whole vanity thing. Maybe I am just a touch vain.

I keep using hair dye on it. I use touch-up wands on my hair to keep it brown. I clearly care about the gray.

My whole life, I liked the look of silver hair in woman that I admire. My own silver is shimmery and bright. I have a car in the same color as the silver. I love that color.

But my eyes are dark brown and whitish colors have always made my skin look ruddy.

I'm just not a silver hair girl, so I give in to my vanity and dye it.

I love the color, but I hate every second of the process. Still, I torture myself with hair dye. I just cannot stand the gray.

Maybe I should try a more exciting color just for a couple of days? Why am I reverting to my teenage self? Is it a middle age thing?

I welcome your comments on the situation. 

What color hair would look funky and fun with my complexion? And am I brave enough to try something other than brown?


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lisa said...

I'm 46 and I color my hair BUT I started going gray in my teens. Family trait, unfortunately. If it makes you feel better, you should color it. I personally feel old and tired when my hair is gray, but I know other people who look fabulous with it…I do not. I did stop coloring my hair one summer and everyone was like, :Why is Lisa dyeing her hair white??" So yeah not winning there,)

lisa said...

Oh crap I should've said 47..sorry. Yikes!

Christine Cortese said...

Just do it. We always feel better afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I color/highlight my hair every 3 months. I don't consider myself vain for doing so, though I must say that I don't like when the gray creeps up in my part and temples because I wear my hair up a lot and the gray mixed with the dark color makes my hair appear dirty. I just don't like it. I go for a nice rich brown base with dark red undertones. After the blowout with a nice, large brush it really has a gorgeous shine to it.

Go for it. 40 is young. Color it whatever you want!

booker. k said...

Do what ever you feel is right for you, not anyone else. I don't colour my hair, because like you I hate the process (and I hate paying £ 90 plus for a hairdresser to do this for me, rather than get red/brown on my towels).

Carla said...

I'm too lazy to deal with the whole process. I just remind myself that I've EARNED (not shouting, just stressing) every one. I'm hoping for the Cruella DeVil look. Or maybe Bride of Frankenstein. said...

I've been coloring my hair for years! I started going gray in my 30's and it wasn't pretty. I've considered letting it go natural because I HATE coloring my hair, but every time I try, I end up coloring it again. It looks AWFUL!!! When the color starts fading and the gray starts showing, I feel like a hag. So I keep doing it. I've toyed with the idea of having it done but it's so darn expensive.

curly texan said...

I am 38 and have never dyed my hair. I've got very dark brown (almost black) and my whites are super visible. I love each and every one of them. There are some patches of white and I think it looks classy especially if you can keep it styled. Do what makes you happy but embrace your wisdom whites too 😊

curly texan said...

I am 38 and have never dyed my hair. I've got very dark brown (almost black) and my whites are super visible. I love each and every one of them. There are some patches of white and I think it looks classy especially if you can keep it styled. Do what makes you happy but embrace your wisdom whites too 😊

Kathi said...

I colored my grey for years, using a rich reddish brown that I really liked, although for the first week it was a bit too red. It tamed down after a shampoo or two and then looked really nice. I hated the process though, and several years ago I asked myself why was I pouring chemicals on my head every other month? I haven't colored it since, although I've been tempted a few times.

It's your hair, do what makes you happy!

Unknown said...

I have never colored my hair. I am 72 and luckily have gray but not as much as many people much younger than me. This is a family trait. Of course, 72 is not 40. At 72, I should have gray hair and I guess I am just too lazy and to cheap to deal with the process. I agree with others who have posted. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good about yourself.

aprilsatelier said...

I found my first gray hair at age 25. My mother's side all grayed early.

I don't think it's vain to (within reason) make efforts to optimize one's appearance. A little extra care can dignify us, and frankly, I think my husband appreciates any effort I make. He'd love me regardless, and has said so; but when he wears his hair the way I prefer or dons my favorite cologne, I'm grateful that he cares enough to 'beautify' himself for me LOL. Why not return the favor? Even without a significant other, I do think it's true that one feels better inside when looking kempt on the outside. (Is kempt a word? I only ever hear 'unkempt'!)

No way I'm up for plastic surgery, etc, so there are limits. I do color my hair, but I do my own - a gentle but effective product I get at Whole Foods. The salon variety burns my scalp, causes hair loss, and costs too much. Also I get antsy sitting and waiting. ;-)

I'm not high-maintenance. I spend way more on fountain pens, planners and notebooks than shoes and beauty products; though I will confess to a weakness for tote bags. Generally I want to look nice with as little effort as necessary. Haircolor fits into my priorities. A straightening iron does not. I've found my balance and am good with it. :D

Anonymous said...

My hair began turning silver in my 30s -- a family trait and a symptom of a Thyroid issue. Hmmm... I went to my hair dresser and she suggested highlighting rather than dying. I tried it and I really liked it. We made it a golden - copper and blended and contrasted with my natural color so beautifully.

Now? Well, my hair is completely white now and I don't do anything with it other than wash it and have it cut. I actually love my hair color and the less I have to fuss with it, the better.

Dianne in the desert

Unknown said...

DR OZ'S facebook has information about using HENNA.


Get some dark brown towels for self and invest a couple extra hours to treat my hair with henna.

Diana said...

I have never colored my hair because my dear Mother would go into a panic when her roots showed. She wouldn't leave the house. I never wanted to be that way. That said, I am first getting gray hair at age 64. My sister has been gray (and kept it gray) since she was 25. Now she has beautiful white hair. She is only 60. Try dark highlight thing so you can gray gradually yet keep your youthful looks.

Anna said...

I think it's mostly a personal thing. How important it is varies from person to person, and whether it's worth the time and/or expense.

I had a weird thing when I returned to the US from Congo in 2013. I had some gray starting, and it turned back to brown. (So some of my hair had brown, gray, then brown on the same strands.) I think it was a combo of stress and some minor malnutrition due to an amoeba. I got some highlights to cover it up. Then back to Congo, and more stress. I ended up with some "silver highlights." Back in the US, and so far I've left them, but I think I'm going to get highlights this month.

lifeintheme said...

I've heard stuff about rinsing your hair with coffee or tea to lightly color it. I've never done it though.

Currently, my hair is blue and purple, and it was a big ordeal because my hair is naturally black. Also I am cheap, ahem I mean frugal, so I made my husband help me do it. Ha!

lifeintheme said...

I forgot to mention that I am definitely on team hair dye! Go for it!

Jaime Barfield said...

I have found that some brunettes can pull off auburn hair very nicely. I always dye my hair. sometimes i will use the same color for over a year, then decide to try something different. I like to bounce mostly between brown and auburn. Good luck with choice!