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Friday, August 21, 2015

Where I Plan

Quick...what's missing in this picture?

Planner, public library, coffee shops

My planner, of course.

Today's post is not about my planner, exactly, but the many places where I use it.

At home, especially at night, I usually sit on the couch, planner at my side, prepping for tomorrow.

If I am working at home, my planner is at my desk.

During errands, it's in my purse.

You can certainly see me planning in public at the locally-owned coffee shops. (For the most part, that NEVER means Starbucks. Their coffee tastes burnt to me. I prefer a tiny cake ball and coffee shop called Brew Ha Ha.)

My favorite place to plan? The East Baton Rouge Parish Library (pictured above).

Yes, I get the view in that picture!

Yes, they let me bring in water, a coffee, or light snacks.

And, yes, the wi-fi is free.

Don't discount your public library for planning. It's a great place to plan!


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Suzanne said...

I can walk to the public library in my city. I love the place but it's always so crowded it's sometimes hard to find a place to sit! But they are the best places to plan/work!

Jaime Barfield said...

I've never tried planning at the library. I have sat on my couch before and used planner, but mostly it is on my desk.

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one who doesn't care for Starbucks. Even their blonde roast is too dark for me. When I do go there, I usually get a green tea latte.

There's a little coffee shop by my job I often escape to on my lunch hour called Last Drop Coffee Shop. Has a nice, comfy leather couch and roomy tables to spread out. It's my little oasis when I need a stress break

Unknown said...

The one thing about the coffee shop we like (Dutch Bros) is that they are all drive thru (there's one you can go into wayyyy far away from our house, and the music is too loud to actually want to sit in). But the library? I've been meaning to find where the library in our new town is...there's a community college right across the street from our house (ya, I promise), so there *should* be a library close, ya? :D

Anna said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the library!!! I've done some planning there. :) My favorite place is my own table at home- when I can do it without distractions or interruptions and with a drink and/or snack. But life doesn't always allow that. :)

Kendall said...

I love to keep my planner with me while we're out, too! Generally, it stays on my desk and I do some planning throughout the day or in the evenings/night. And, I think after this next Baby arrives, I just might be taking it more places as I will likely need small=ish 'escapes from kiddos hanging on me all.day.long to the Library (because it's free and quiet) or maybe even a small little coffee (tea for me) or eatery :)

Karen @ mummy do it said...

I've just started using a notebook planner and am trying to get in the habit of taking it with me. Now it's another thing I have to hunt for along with my phone! :) Since I have small kids with me I don't have the opportunity to sit in cafes or the library to plan/work but I look forward to that some day.:) Thanks for sharing with the #BlogFair.