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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Desk Reset

Whether you work from home or at an office, you likely have a table or desk where you work. I work from home (or in libraries or coffee shops), so I have a small bookshelf type desk that I work at, either blogging, novel writing, doing legal research, or planning and budgeting.

Every now and then, a desk reset is in order.

Personalize Without Fear

Don't make your desk something for others to enjoy. Make it shine with your personality. You have to work there. You have to love the space. 

Yes, I am a lawyer and, yes, I do mean this in your stuffy law firm, too. Be the quirky one. You won't get fired for it, but you might get noticed. (Okay, you probably won't be fired for it. I'd do it anyway.) Of course, keep it tasteful and consider 
whether only coworkers will see it, or if clients will see it, too.

I have my special basket designed by a quilter friend for stuff that leaves the house, like my keys and glasses (upper left hand corner), a personalized zipper pouch full of planner supplies (upper right hand corner), and my "READ MY BLOG" ornament (lower shelf, in front of the pens and scissors).

Maximize Desk Space

Desk space is limited. Use it wisely.

Even though I personalize my space, very little is just decorative. Notice the wipe/erase board, the hole punch, and all the other bits and bobs that I actually use almost every day. 

Prioritize Placement

Place items that are used daily in the most convenient space, things that are used weekly in a less convenient place, and things rarely used in a different space.

Also, group like stuff together whenever possible.

I am very careful about placement. Things that leave the house go near my purse (the hanging blue one on the upper left hand corner). The space where I plan and write? It's not even in the picture because it just stays empty and ready for my laptop and planner.

Use Interesting Containers

Don't think that you have to use square containers from office supply stores.

I use an open mouthed glass canning jar for unprocessed receipts. I use my quilted basket for things to leave the house. My makeup travel bag is perfect for planner supplies. A purple pill case holds my magnet bookmarks, while a suction-sealed spice jar holds binder and paper clips.

It's a good time to reset your desk. Make it your own. You'll be happier and the desk will be an easier  to use.


I'm The Queen of My Castle said...

totally agree. My desk always looks cluttered because I lay stuff all over it and I don't have a home for everything and I really need to change that. Maybe that should be my first blog post of the year...hmm. Anyways, I will post a picture of what it looks like now and upload it to the facebook group and then that will make me get it organized in a timely manner (you know, accountability) so I can share an after picture. Wish me luck. I will need it.

Anonymous said...

What timing! The holidays are over. My desk was a dumping ground for envlopes from cards received, my holiday planner, my regular planner, two planners under construction for clients, and I am finally done doing what needed to be one with all of that. So tomorrow after my normal tasks, I will spend some time reworking my desk. I got some cute desktop holders and some new pens as gifts, so I am ready to do some new stuff. Thanks again, Giftie!

Dianne in the desert