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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Daily Page Deets

I'm not really very up on the current trends outside of the planner world, but I think "deets" means "details," right? #NotHip #ButHashtagged

I know I've been talking about my daily pages a lot, but I wanted to focus in on the details, so that you could see what kinds of stuff I capture on my daily page (a Quo Vadis Textagenda planner page) and how I capture it.

(I'll keep referring back to this picture in this post, by the way. I'll post the same picture a few times so you don't have to keep scrolling back. I may not be hip, but I'm pretty cool like that.)

Let's look at the top part first - my schedule. A bookmark magnet holds all the daily pages together so that I can turn to my weekly view quickly.

Mostly, my schedule comes from my monthly view.

But the daily tasks lists (like AM Kids) that are time specific actually come from my stickers on my weekly spread.

A question mark behind the time means that it must be done "around" that time, but time can vary. For example, my AM checklist is done right after work, and I can't wait too long because it includes defrosting meat for dinner, but can be done earlier in the day.

The funny little shape around an event means it's actually someone else doing something else that I need to be aware of, like my husband bringing my son to karate practice.

(Here's that picture again.)

Next is the first blue line. I jot a list of stuff that must leave the house with me and I put the non-refrigerated stuff on my desk, ready to leave the house. Yes, I even write normal stuff like cell phone and purse on the list. Otherwise, I might forget something important.

Under the blue line, I have the white space roughly divided into four parts.

Upper left quadrant = must do TODAY tasks.

Note the check/X box (for marking off the task) and the superscript'ed code before the task, listing the context code (like H = do at home).

Upper right quadrant = want to do TODAY tasks.

For example, I like to get to blogging. But it's for fun, not money, so I don't always get there.

Lower left quadrant = NOTES or a tentative plan.

In this example, I planned out the order of my work for today. Honestly, usually that goes in my FC Classic work binder. But, because I was planning to work outside the home reading some printed out case law, I wasn't bringing my other planner.

A circle around anything means that when I do the task, it needs to be recopied to do again (tomorrow, next week, every 10 days, or whatever the length of time might be).

Lower right quadrant = meal plan.

The dinner comes from my master meal plan for the week on the top of my weekly spread.

Finally, I use the lower blue stripe for logging (like number of calories eaten, exercise minutes, etc.) and, to the right, for things to take care of right before bed.

Same pic, take 3.

I know I've talked about daily pages and how I use them extensively, but I'm hoping you learned something new every time, especially since my daily pages are still evolving.


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Laurie said...

LOVE this! I have a new Textagenda on its way to me now, and I might incorporate some of your tips in it. I like how you use the page so efficiently. Thanks for sharing!