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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sometimes, You Just Have To Cut Your Losses

A few months ago, I did a bedroom makeover.  I bought some cheap put together shelves to store my purses in the bedroom where they would be readily accessible.

My theory was that I would change purses more often if they were accessible.  Instead, they fell apart once a week.

Note the unmade bed and the unpacked suitcase (from a trip in JULY...ouch).

I hated to throw them away, but no amount of binder clips was keeping them together.  So I tossed them.  I didn't give them to Goodwill because I don't want anyone else to have such a horrible experience.

I made space for clothes that are folded but need to be put away.  Up until now, my husband was piling clean clothes on his side of the room and I never knew what was dirty and what needed to be put away.

I left out two nice bags, for job interviews.  I also quit storing my suitcase on the high shelf in the closet, because, let's face it, I NEVER put it back up on that shelf.  It's better to make a dedicated home where the suitcase tends to sit anyway.

The little brown cube is right under the plug, perfect for putting my Nook on when it is charging.

I used two old laundry baskets for putting the purses where my suitcase used to go.

I feel much better.  Now to get my husband to clean his side of the room.


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LLB said...

I love the laundry basket idea at the top of the closet. I'm going to do that ASAP. Right now all my skinny clothes are jumbled up at the top with zero order or containment.