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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Organizing Tips and Tricks

1. Don't pick up the kids' toys and just put them away.  They will never learn that way.  Instead, designate a bench, basket, bucket, or something else for their toys.  If a stray toy is bothering you, have the kid pick it up.  (We pick up before all transitions - before lunch, before nap, before bed.)  But if they aren't around (like my 3 year old, currently in the bathtub, while his daddy oversees the bath...and that darn stuffed kitty named Pepper is mocking me from the living room floor and driving me crazy and ugh and I really need counseling for this problem), simply pick up the toy and put it on the bench, in the bucket, in the laundry basket, whatever.  Next pickup time, have them empty the designated place as well as cleaning everything else up.

2. Rumor has it such practices work for husbands, too.  *Cough*  I do not guarantee that advice!

3. When you walk from one room to another, grab and item that needs to be put away and bring it with you to its home.

4. When you receive an invitation, deal with it immediately.  Write "buy gift" on your errand list.  Write RSVP deadline and phone number on your task list.  Write party date and address, along with a note to bring a wrapped gift, on your calendar.

5. Talking on your cell?  Walk around and put random crap away.

6. Watching tv?  Grab that backload of laundry and fold it.  Have the KIDS put it away.

7. Stop putting away that blanket that you use every single day.  Find a pretty one that matches the living room and make it's home your spot on the couch.

8.  Don't hide fruits and veggies.  Put them on your counter where you will see them, as natural decor.

9. Erase the evidence of anything that you do.  Take a bath?  Put soap and shampoo away and hang up your towel and robe.  You will be a good example for the rest of the family, and, when you complain about THEIR mess, they won't be able to point out yours!

10. Don't worry about things looking perfect, even for your mother or mother-in-law!  Just make sure the house is functional for your families' needs.


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