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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Photo Tour of My Mess

I am suspicious of people who blog about housekeeping.  (I am also jealous of people with books and sponsors, but I digress.)  I suspect most of them have OCD-worthy (no judgment here, just observation) levels of compulsions to clean or REALLY MESSY HOMES.  I am OCD about writing down appointments, organizing my personal areas (like my desk or my side table), and planning my menu for the week.

But, really, if I was forced to go to confession with three priests and my grandmother was held over a blazing fire and denied chocolate was offered coconut shrimp with sweet pepper sauce as a bribe had to pick OCD or REALLY MESSY HOME, I'm number 2.  (That sounds wrong.  But works.)  My house is usually a mess.

I took pictures of it in its natural state.  (I left out the clean areas.  You don't get to see my, um, closet.  The closet got organized a month or so ago and it neat as a pin!  Everything in it's place.  The one shiny spot in my life.  Sigh.)

 I cleaned this kitchen YESTERDAY.  This picture doesn't even capture the piles of crap in the corner of the room or on top of the frig. :(  I know a lot of people are thinking, "wow, this isn't bad."  But it was spotless last night at 7 p.m. and this is JUST 12 hours later, most of which were spent sleeping!

The worst part for me?  Breakfast dishes on the table.  I've taught my kids to put away the dishes in the sink (after scrapping them into the garbage a la elementary cafeteria), but no, it doesn't happen.

Other problems?

A pile of reusable bags near the trash, instead of in my car trunk where they belong.

A pile of reusable containers, barbeque sauce, and pineapples for the 30 pounds of meatballs I need to make THIS WEEK for my sister's wedding.  I just don't have the pantry space for temporary storage.

Onions and Lego Star Wars figures on the microwave.  Which one does not belong?

Coffee and sugar container empty, but new coffee and sugar cluttering up the counter.  Why didn't I refill the containers when I used the last of the coffee.

Pan from last night on the stove.  (Husband's fault, just FYI.)

Husband's crap by the door.

Gift laid out (but not in gift bag) for Godchild this weekend. 

Bathroom stuff from yesterday's shopping trip NOT put away.  I don't understand my malfunction that FORCES me to NOT QUITE finish putting away groceries and cleaning supplies.

Purse NOT where it belongs, in a basket in my living room.  When the cell phone rings, I will run around looking for it, never guessing it's in my purse (where it is supposed to be) in the kitchen (NOT where it is supposed to be).

The living room was cleaned yesterday, too.  I cannot explain the karate outfit and the folding chair behind the love seat.  And I have no explanation for an empty laundry basket or the piles of toys on the bench.  None.

Yes, my bedroom looks like this on BOTH sides of the bed.  No, the children are not allowed to have toys in my bedroom.  No, we haven't moved in the past 5 years.  No, we don't play guitar.

Why do you ask?

(Yes, that bedspread was purchased in 1996.)

 My bathroom counter, folks.  Everything on the counter has a home.  None of it is in its home.

Proof my children are, indeed, related to me.

Keep checking my blog for after pics.  {chuckles and rubs hands together}  I'll post them - someday.


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