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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Papers, Papers, Papers

The amount of paperwork that I do in a single day is overwhelming, even if you don't count a single thing that I do for substitute teaching. (And, frankly, 50% of substitute teaching is keeping up with paperwork). I thought a log of today's work might be enlightening to me and perhaps help me find some solutions.

1. Checked email. Had to read an email from the Middle District court, even though I am not actively practicing law, so I don't get behind. Also had an email to read updating me on my uncle's health (he had a surgery) and on the plans for my sister's wedding shower.

2. Processed letter from school regarding Kindergarterner's field trip. Involved writing a reminder to send him in field trip appropriate clothes on that date and to pack a lunch for that date. Also had to sign permission slip, write a check, email husband check # and amount (as he keeps the checkbook), and put it all in a properly labeled envelope.

3. Processed letter from school regarding raffle tickets. I had to fill out ten raffle tickets, write a check, send hubby the check # and amount, and put everything in an appropriate envelope. Also, a reminder went on my calendar to put this stuff in my child's school bag tonight.

4. Checked the on-line school website and noted in my planner that my child has to bring easter eggs to school in a couple of weeks.
5. Typed out 18 thank you notes to print tonight on brightly colored paper for Ander's classmate who gave him birthday presents. Yes, I've decided to skip formal notes or the torture of having him hand write them. Shush. This is the last year that I can get away with that.
6. Checked email from Ander's school. Bus service is cancelled tomorrow due to a teacher protest at the Capitol. Need to send email to husband, as it means carpool will be longer than usual tomorrow morning.
7. Copy monthly April calendar and task list to April weekly calendar.
I try to keep all paperwork and supplies with my planner so I can do paperwork anywhere, anytime. That includes envelopes, ink pens, and my checkbook. Good thing, since I never seem to have time to deal with papers, these days. I used to go to a coffee shop at least once a week and plow through the paperwork, but that's much harder to do when hubby is working serious overtime and I have a 3 and 6 year old. I also try to do all quick paperwork as I receive it and only check email a couple of times a day.

Does everyone else have this much paperwork everyday?


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Unknown said...

Lol yes i do. I have 3 kids 13, 10, 3. Past 3 month was the worse. Had to keep up eith high school fair, open house, audition, shadow day application. Thank you for all yoi information