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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Diary of Tubes (aka...Hey Stephanie, Good Luck on Wednesday)

My friend Stephanie's twins are getting tubes on Wednesday, so I promised her a play-by-play of the surgery, since Loki is now recovering. Everyone told me the surgery was a breeze, and compared to other medical procedures, I guess it was, but Loki still seems to be suffering after effects.

On Wednesday, we got the call about the timing of the surgery. We fully expected to arrive at 5:30 a.m. Really, we were relieved about the expected early hour, as it's pretty hard to imagine a 16 month old not getting milk first thing in the morning, so the earlier the better. No one said anything about Ander not coming, but we wisely left him to spend the night with Maw Maw. (Good thing - he would not have been allowed back. And we needed two parents in back.) We were ready for 5:30 a.m. Then we got the call. "His surgery is schedueld for 8:30 a.m." Great. Whiney kid in the morning without his milk and breakfast and no chance of returning to work that day.

Thursday was not so bad with skipping breakfast though. We fed him a large supper (including cookies for dessert) the night before and told him, everytime he asks to eat, "soon, baby, soon."

They took him back and I thought it took forever. All the other parents seemed to only wait a couple of minutes. But to me, it felt like I waited and waited.

In recovery, he needed more pain medicine. His iv bled out all over Alan after they removed it. It took a while, I thought, compared to everyone else. He cried a bit, but mostly just looked miserable and coughed. They considered a breathing treatment there...and I ended up giving him one at home later.

For the past couple of days, he sleeps, wakes every four hours and cries in pain until he gets his tylenol, and smiles if he happens to wake up mid-medicine cycle. He seems, I would say, pretty darn miserable. He keeps coughing, so I'll probably have to hold him down for a couple of breathing treatments again today.

It wasn't bad, but I wish I had taken two days off of work, because it definitely wasn't the easy surgery everyone described. Apparently, the adenoid removal makes it worse. But still, he just seems so grumpy and uncomfortable.


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