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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The New Gig

Loki is totally ARGH HOW DARE YE about the new preschool. Ander likes the new school okay, but misses Ms. Jenny and Tytus and seeing Maw Maw everyday. Alan misses, I think, the flexibility I had at my old job.

That said, I love the new job. I feel like I am doing what I was born to do. I still like the people, even after two weeks ;), and the office appears to be extremely family-friendly, with dads popping in and out for parent-teacher conferences and moms taking three day vacations to tour colleges. I get to assist with forming laws regarding juveniles and I get to make sure attorneys that represent juveniles have the tools that they need to do the job. I still get to go to court, probably more often. Seriously, how did I get in this place?

We had delayed a lot of transitional things when Loki based on the fact that Alan and I had new jobs, but now we are working on those things. We are teaching Loki to sleep in his own bed. We've been putting him down there forever, but now when he gets up, we sooth him and give him a water bottle. We hope to wean that water bottle soon. We really aren't good at letting him cry it out, but at some point, it comes down to letting him cry in his bed or ours. So, for now, we choose his and rub his back and tell him night night, which seems compassionate but gives him a chance to learn to go back to sleep in his bed.

We also are offering him sippy cups during the day. We will still give him a bottle, if he gets really fussy even with the sippy cup, but we are hoping that will gently wean him from the bottle.

He's still not walking, yet, though. Physically, he's quite advanced for an almost 14-month-old, building with Duplos, throwing a ball, and climbing into a play car, riding it around, and climbing out. He can stand on his own and cruise and walk with assistance. It's more of a deciding-to-walk issue, so I'm not stressed yet. But if the stinker doesn't get in gear by next month...:/.

Ander is fully potty trained!!! Yippee. He is starting to read, a little. It's scary how good he is with words.


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